For centuries women in South Sudan mainly in the rural areas have used Nilotica shea butter in food, skincare and medicinal purposes. The Vitellaria nilotica tree mainly grows in the central & eastern Equatoria, Baher ghazel and Lakes states which is where we get our name; Aram-weer meaning where the lakes meet.

While growing up a hot shea birth was and still is like a rite of passage for every south Sudanese child because of its healing properties. This was to strengthen infant bones, sooth constipation and cure hemorrhoids

Aramweer evolved from a personal passion into a thriving enterprise, driven by Estella’s unwavering commitment to quality and her profound desire to empower women. She understood that the key to her vision lay in not just crafting exceptional products but also creating opportunities for women in her community.

What sets Aramweer apart is its team’s dedication. Every member puts their heart and soul into crafting world-class shea butter products. This commitment to excellence has become the cornerstone of the company’s identity, earning it a well-deserved reputation for producing top-notch, all-natural skincare solutions.

Aramweer isn’t just a business; it’s a story of transformation, empowerment, and a commitment to providing the world with the very best that South Sudan has to offer. With Estella Malek’s vision at the helm, Aramweer continues to grow, touching lives, and making a difference one jar of shea butter at a time.

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