Aramweer was nurtured out of necessity and later turned it into a thriving enterprise, fuelled by the dedication of the incredible women who come together to make it what it is today. These women, our Shea Goddesses, are the heart and soul of Aramweer Organics, preserving ancient traditions and crafting luxurious products that celebrate the beauty and bounty of nature.

Growing up, Estella observed the women from the villages, who consistently exhibited beautiful, healthy hair and skin. Their general health stood in stark contrast to those living in urban communities, highlighting the profound impact of Shea butter, natural herbs, traditional practices

For centuries women in South Sudan mainly in the rural areas have used Nilotica shea butter in food, skincare and medicinal purposes. The Vitellaria nilotica tree mainly grows in the central & eastern Equatoria, Baher ghazel and Lakes states which is where we get our name; Aram-weer meaning where the lakes meet.

Shea butter has been relied on for its versatile uses as food, skincare, and for its medicinal properties. This rich heritage of shea butter usage has been passed down through generations, deeply embedding its benefits into the cultural fabric of the region.

It is used in hot births, almost as a rite of passage, to strengthen the bones of infants. Additionally, it helps ease constipation in children, heal haemorrhoids, and serves as an essential component in skincare routines.

The harmony of the two nurturing forces, Mother Nature, and women, brings immense benefits. The fruit of the shea tree is consumed or dried and powdered to provide sustenance during times of famine or hardship. Additionally, the production and sale of shea butter have become a valuable source of income for our Shea Goddesses.

Our Shea Goddesses, empowered by nature and driven by tradition, handcraft luxurious shea butter that embodies the rich heritage and natural bounty of South Sudan. Through their dedication and skill, they preserve ancient practices while providing high-quality products that promote health, beauty, and well-being.

Aramweer exists because nature loved us enough to bless us with shea and the existence of our Shea Goddesses.


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