Aramweer Organics: Nurtured from Necessity.

Welcome to the Glow Tribe where life is Shea-ful.

‘Aram-weer’ meaning a place where more than one lake meet ‘Lakes states’ in South Sudan. For us this symbolises the harmonious convergence of natures bounty, much like our blend of traditional wisdom with modern Skincare.

Aramweer Organics is a sustainable beauty brand that specialises in the crafting of Premium Nilotic Shea Butter. Founded in 2019 by Estella Malek out of Sheer necessity for safe and natural skincare products that’s are suitable for all skincare types.

Aramweer Organics is rooted in the philosophy of self-reliance and the desire to share a piece of South Sudanese heritage with the world.

Our Shea butter is Handcrafted by our skilled Shea Goddesses, whose Knowledge and techniques have been passed down through generations. Each Product we create carries the essence of South Sudanese traditions infused with love, bringing you the purity and richness of nature.


Our mission is to empower everyone to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Our Products are a celebration of diversity and self-expression, allowing you to radiate confidence and individuality.  We’re committed to creating premium shea butter that is handcrafted by the best team who have knowledge and expertise passed down generations.

Aramweer is  more than just skincare; it’s a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our products as as gentle on Earth as on your skin. By choosing us, you are eradicating the use of harmful skincare products, supporting ethical practices and contributing to a healthier planet.

Discover the transformative power of Nilotic Shea Butter and embrace the beauty of sustainable, natural skincare.

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